My name is Tom Dobosz.  I am going on an 8 month journey which will end on August 22, 2009 in Leadville, Co. 

The event is called “The Leadville Trail 100” a 100 mile run through the mountains and surrounding areas of Leadville, Co.  I started running on June 2, 1970 and have logged my mileage. On June 8, 2008 I reached the 80,000 mile mark running. 

My favorite distance is the 50 mile event because you start after breakfast and you are home for dinner.  All these events take place in the mountains on forest trails.  I have attempted The leadville Trail 100 twice. The first time was cut short @ the 70 mile mark due to a severley sprained ankle, and the second attempt @ the 40 mile mark due to a reaction to medication that should never have been prescribed.

Go to www.leadvilletrail100.com to get the information if you are interested.  I will most likely choose to not participate in a 100 mile run after succeeding this run.  The 100 mile distance is a completely different animal which requires most runners to run 24 or more hours continuously.  The time and effort required is more than I enjoy.  When ever starting anything in my life, it is critical to finish.  The first attempt was in 1996 and the second attempt was in 2004.  The monkey must come off my back !!!

In August (2008) my daughter Lainna and I started a new business in the self development industry.  This usually only requires 2-4 hours a day and only 4-5 days a week. The business can be done anywhere in the world as long as you have computer and phone service.  You are able to work the business around your life.  This coincides with my desire to travel and run.  More info @ www.tomdobosz.lifepathunlimited.com 

My new motto: “The game of life is always ON and it is always to be played FULL OUT”


3 Responses to “About”

  1. Terry Kelly Says:

    Pretty cool site Thomas. So you have been logging your mileage since 1970 eh? I still cannot get over the fact you didn’t run with us on the Munster High School track team. We had a good team and could have used a talent like you. Too bad long hair was an issue back then. I wish you the best of luck on this journey my friend.

  2. Hans Linders Says:

    Hey Tom, I’m sure it was just an oversite on your part but you’re probably aware by now that August 22 is the day of our reunion so you’ll need to cancel the race-sorry. Your presence at the reunion is required.

  3. sue martin arrington Says:

    He Tom, I am totally impressed. I thought I was doing good when I “walked” a marathon a few years ago. I know my ole knees and back couldn’t manage a run…… Good luck to you! Run a mile for me!!!

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