Winter is back

Today winter has come back to the Old Pueblo !!! There is supposed to be up to 1 foot of snow @ the top of the mountains. Snow is critical to plant life out here. As the snow melts it actually percolates into the ground. When it rains most of the water just runs off. In a typical year Tucson gets less than 12 inches of rain a year. Every drop counts.

Just to let you know I logged 11 miles on Friday and 13 miles today (Monday Feb 9) even though this post says Feb 10. This weekend was a bust. For some odd reason my butt would not get off the couch yesterday. In previous posts I told you how important it is to start upping my weekly mileage. Still nursing some minor aches and pains. Can’t quite figure it out – Don’t know if I am doing too much too soon or just getting old.

As I was running today I recalled several times in my life when someone would ask me what I am running from. My normal response is PEOPLE. It is such an awesome feeling knowing when I am out on a run that no one is able to bother me. No cell phone to answer – no employees whining – no customers complaining. Am I being selfish ? Maybe – but the alone time is important because it seems it is just God and me. The more time I spend with Him the easier it is to love someone. The easier it is to let words go that would normally offend me. No temptation to flip the guy off who won’t get off my tail. Anxiety lessens. It’s a beautiful thing. Recently I passed the 81,000 mile mark running. I’ll bet you that no more than 2,000 miles at most were run with another person. When I was a road racer no one wanted to train as hard as me. And now no one wants to run as far as me. That’s ok, I prefer the solitude anyway. I have seen things that most people will never see. It’s kinda sad for me. The great outdoors is spectacular. Everyone should do some exploring.

I’ve also had people tell I am addicted to running. They are absolutely correct. For some it is cocaine for some it is alcohol for some it is golf. Maybe it’s the adrenaline – not sure. Sorry for rambling today. Hope ya all enjoyed it.

Saying of the day – “Pain is your friend. Remember this and you will never be alone” ( Unknown – probably a long distance runner )


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