Picking up steam

Didn’t get a chance to blog yesterday, so here’s the scoop. Went out yesterday to Saguaro National Pak for a 13 mile run. If any of you exercise there are days when you feel like you are having the best day of your life. Well, yesterday was it. Finally it seemed like the effort was much easier. Lately to tell the truth has been really hard to get motivated. I’ll tell ya what – when everything is clicking you just don’t want to stop.

If there are more days like yesterday, this will be an enjoyable journey. Say your prayers for me, I need them. Pretty soon 100 mile weeks will be a normal week. That sounds crazy, doesn’t it ?

Until my body gets used to this higher mileage, I am still running every other day. I’ve been thinking maybe next week after a high mileage day I will run 4-6 miles the following day. Stay tunned.

Saying of the day – “If someone says, Hey I ran a 100 miles this week, how far did you run ? Ignore him ! What the hell difference does it make? The magic is in the man. not the 100 miles.”
( Bill Bowerman )


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