Superbowl Sunday !!!

What a blow to The Arizona Cardinals. They played their hearts out. You can never count Roethlesberger out – what a competitor. If only………….

Back to my training for the 100 mile Leadville run. Thursday I logged another 11 miles and then today (Sunday) I logged 14 miles. Hope you wouldn’t notice that there were two days off. Kinda of a slacker huh ? It’s funny b-cause if you have read this blog since the beginning you know that I am not that excited about running a hundred miles without stopping. It is only because I have attempted this race twice and was not able to complete it. The only other race that was not completed the first attempt was The Phoenix marathon b-cause of blisters. It took two years to get back, but I finished it. Why in the world did I think a 100 miler would be cool ? And then to pick one of the toughest 100’s out there. Leadville has only something like a 42% finisher rate. That really sucks !!!

Eventually I will be running about 90 to 100 miles a week. You will see this is going to happen sooner than later. Will probably be running 15 miles a day for 5 days a week and then a 25 to 30 mile run on the 6th day with the 7th day a rest day. I also plan on running a few 50 mile races before Leadville. Like I said previously there are not any health issues what so ever. My knees, hips and ankles feel as good as they did when I was 20 years old. After logging over 80,000 miles running it does get harder to stay motivated. And being older my times have slowed somewhat. Not too bad though.

Saying of the day – Human beings are basically lazy creatures. Like water which follows the path of least resistance so do we. It is only the individuals who have great mind, body, and soul that achieve the highest of goals. ( Tom Dobosz )


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