Up the mountain

Today I am going to post two blogs. Two for the price of one. It’s funny that when I first started this blog I couldn’t wait to post. As time goes on, I realize it takes time to do this. It adds excitement to your day thinking about what you are going to post on your blog. Some days are more exciting than others. Everyone should have a blog. You will find things to do just so you can write something of interest. Try it.

The pictures on my bike are going up Mt. Lemon. Several years ago when I was nursing another injury, my friend and I would go up to the ski lift parking lot twice a week. It sure seems like it was much easier then. Give me another week or so and I’ll be flying up.

Today is the first day since Jan 1, 2009 my leg is feeling much better. It is tempting to try running a little, but my gut feeling is to wait a while longer. Always go with the gut feeling. It is never wrong. OK OK I’ll wait.

The other pictures are from yesterday. My wife Joni and I went to the Santa Rita Mountains with our friends Casey and Laurie Justen to go 4 wheeling. We had an absolute blast. A day off does the soul good. The weather was spectacular.

Saying of the day – “The will to win is important, but the will to prepare is vital” (Joe Paterno)


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