I love the Tucson winters

Somebody is going to have to chop my leg off to stop me this time of year.  My right calf is hurting me soooo much I feel like crying.  After looking at todays pictures, you can see why I am addicted to keep on going.  As long as I can hobble it will eventually heal I suppose. 

Went up Mt Lemmon with my son in law Paul.  What a sight !!!!!  Check it out.  If you are jealous it is for very good reason.  There is not a better place to be.

When you look at the top of the Rincon Mtns that is where I plan on going December 31st.   If my calf muscle heals this run will be almost 13 miles straight up and then 13 miles back down.  Total elevation gain of approx.  6500′.  It is beautiful up there. The only way to access the summit is by foot or horseback.  No roads, so no vehicles  – hallelujah !!!

Crummy day for mileage – only 4 miles.  The steep ascents are killing my calf muscle. The views today made the effort worthwhile. See ya’ll tomorrow

Saying of the day – Be a bee – there are wanna bees, should bees, could bees and used to bees.  I am a bee – an africanized bee.  Extremely aggressive and will not stop until I accomplish my goals !!!  (Tom Dobosz)


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