Greatest gift on earth

It’s still raining !!!  For those of you that are not desert savvy – rain is the greatest gift.  Our area has been in a major drought for 10 years.  Like I posted yesterday, this year we have received our normal rainfall.  The mature mesquite tree can go over 2 years without rain because their roots can reach depths of 140′.  They will drop their leaves to conserve water and not grow for that time period but yet survive.  As for the giant saguaro cactus their roots normally only reach a depth of 3′.  Their roots though go out to a length equal to their heighth.  What is amazing is that the mature giant saguaro can soak up 200 gallons of rain within 5 minutes.  They also can weigh several tons because of the storage of water in their ribs.  Pretty cool huh ?

Anyway back to my traing for 100 mile event.  I will be going out in awhile.  Not too sure which trail.  Stay tuned for details and pictures.

I don’t quite know how to differentiate between not running because your hurt and need to heel or just toughing it out.  My very first 50 mile run back in April 1996 I fell and broke two ribs on my front right side and my knee ballooned up to the size of a grapefruit. This happened 12 miles into the race.  Not knowing what to do and being out in the middle of nowhere, I started crawling.  Yeah right – crawling for another 38 miles would take too long.  Eventually I was able to hobble bent over (like a 95 year old w/severe arthritis).  Also realizing this also would take too long. I started to walk as fast as I could and then blocked out the pain.  Eventually made it to the aid station.  One person at the aid station took one look at me and asked if I needed a ride to the hospital.  I asked if there were any ibuprofen available.  I took 4 ibu’s and continued on my merry  way.  After 15 hours and 13 minutes I crossed the finish line.

So, with that rabbit trail do I continue to run beacause my lower calf muscle feels like it is going to rip off my bone or do I sit around and heal ?  This is a crazy sport isn’t it ?  Today was extremely painful.  The 1st mile I ran but then the pain was so severe I had to walk/hobble the other 5 miles.  Hoping the trails dry up soon.  My injury doesn’t seem so bad on the mtn trails.

I am going to log 6 miles today. 

Saying of the day – Live life on fire – people will come to watch you burn.  Don’t let the flame die out  (Tom Dobosz)

See ya’ll tomorrow,  Tucson Tom


One Response to “Greatest gift on earth”

  1. mtnrunner37 Says:

    This one goes out my good buddy Tom,

    I write to you from very snowy Durango, Colorado. This has been a a fantastic xmas with a wonderful woman, Denise, and her lovely family. We have a train ride tonight on the “Polar Express” which is the Durango/Silverton Railroad which is a tourist attraction here in Durango. I have nordic skiing planned as soon as the tracks get set and over the next few days ice skating and tubing at some of the hills is on the menu. Should be a great time. The snow has finally stopped which is a pleasure. Shoveling can be a bore given the amount we now have.
    I wish all the best to you and your family and travel safe to New Mexico.
    Chow Tom,
    Tony the Tiger

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