Merry Christmas

Good Morning world. What a blessed day.  This time of year seems to either bring lotsa cheer or sometimes can bring lotsa sadness.  Recommendation if there is any sadness – go out and do some good for someone who might also be lonely or less fortunate than you.  When you help someone the focus is taken off you.  Spread cheer.  If you need friends then show yourself friendly.  Big smiles bring big smiles.

Tell me it aint so.  It is raining again in the desert. What a glorious day !  Could our ten year drought be coming to an end ?  Certainly hope so.  This year has met our normal precipatation rate.  Keep it coming Lord. The desert and animals are looking quite healthy. Have not had a coyote in my garbage for a while.  Too bad for the rabbits.   (Coyotes say rabbits taste like chicken).

Plan on going for a run after presents are opened.  All my children and grandchildren will be here shortly.  Keep ya posted soon with words and pictures.  Enjoy your morning my friends – see ya in a bit

OK that was quick.  To Save time to be with my family I decided to run the roads today.  I was a road racer for 28 years and enjoyed every minute of it. Probably 2/3 of my logged 80,000+  miles running were on the asphalt.  Once you get on the mountain trails it is sure hard to go back to smelling exhaust fumes.  Any way only logged 2 miles.  My calf muscle does not like the road.  Not sure if this injury is just the calf muscle or if it also is partly my achilles tendon.  Christmas is a good reason to take it easy today.  Tomorrow will be here soon enough.  We’ll try again but on the trails.

Enjoy my family pictures today.  Do not over eat.  Why is it that the best tasting food is the worst for you health wise ? (just not fair)

Remeber that  over 2,000  years ago a Savior was born.  His name is Jesus and he loves ya all very much !!!!!!!  Merry Christmas everyone

Saying of the day  –  Ya gotta do what ya gotta do to get what ya wanna get (Tom Dobosz)


One Response to “MERRY CHRISTMAS !!!”

  1. Jo Bro! Says:

    By tucsontom

    Beautifully said Thom!

    Lemon Tree reminds me of a song.

    I will pass this site along to others.

    PS I like the picture of Joni & the fire next to her.
    Love ya!

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