What a wonderful day

It is raining in the desert.  For you that have never been in the desert it is absolutely a wonderful day when it rains.  Magical things happen.  Everything seems to come to life.  Normal rainfall is 11.5″ a year.  Tucson is considered a high desert ( 2500′ elevation).  Areas like Las Vegas and Phoenix receive less than half of Tucson.  Because of that we have more plant and animal life in the outskirts of town.  Plenty of pictures will be posted as this journey continues.

Today I am planning on going for a 6 mile run @ Saguaro National Park.  Right now my lower calf muscle seems to be quite tight.  I have learned to go easy when these things happen.  The healing part comes a little slower compared to 38 years ago.  Training for a 100 mile mountain run @ high altitude comes one step at a time.  No reason to hurry.

I am going to go in the kitchen to share a cup of joe with my lovely bride Joni.  She is currently taking a class to become a life coach.  This will be a fantastic adventure.  If you ever have the pleasure of meeting her, you will see that a life coach is a perfect fit.  She is full of sunshine and loves people.  I am truly a blessed man to have her in my life.


Just got back from my run.  99.999% of the people in Tucson are inside their cozy homes, at the mall or somewhere out of the weather.  The other .001% of the people like me were enjoying the outdoors.  I went out to Saguaro National Park and ran the Cactus Forest Trail.  It was cold, raining, muddy and absolutely, spectacularly wonderful.  Growing up in the Chicagoland area you learn not to be fair weathered people.  For those of you who were able to watch The Monday Night Football game you saw the stands were full.  It was -8 degrees below zero with the wind chill factor.  If you only go out in nice weather in Chicago that could possibly be only a handful of times per year.  As for me I would go to Indiana Dunes State Park more in the winter time than in the summer.  Some of you might say I am  sick puppy.  There is something awesome about being in a place like that all by yourself.

Today I feel like an NFL football player after week #16 going into the playoffs.  My calf was very sore.  I do not get paid as much as an NFL player for doing this (actually I get paid $0.00 Maybe I am a sick puppy) but there is no option but to succeed !!!  Again if I only went out on gorgeous days and when I only felt physically perfect, Leadville would most likely not happen.

Because of the rain today my pictures are limited.  My wife Joni would not be happy if I drowned our digital camera.  Sorry !!!

Saying of the day – If I was a counselor all my sessions would be less than a minute and each session would have the same advice. That advice would be to tell my clients that they are where they are due to choices and decisions they have made in the past.  I would then tell them to make new choices and new decisions to move them towards where they want to be (Tom Dobosz)

If the Good Lord is gracious enough to give me another day, I will see you all tomorrow morning. 

Take care and stay safe – Tucson Tom


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