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Yee-Haw Calf muscle feeling much betta!!!

December 30, 2008

Alright folks –  if you have been reading my blog ya’ll know my calf muscle has been giving me pain.  I believe that I am on the  back side of this injury.  Things are looking good !!!!!!!!!!  Was able to go 11 miles today pretty much with very little discomfort.  I am stoked to know my training should be on track from here on out.

I will be taking tomorrow off to rest up for my run to the summit of the the Rincon Mountains.  This is going to be a 26 mile round trip trek. 
Do not miss the pictures for Dec 31, 2008.  They should make most people jealous.  It will be an elevation gain of 6000′ .  Most of these trailheads are 10 minutes from my house. I am truly blessed.  Life is Great !!!!

Saying of the day – Yesterday is past….tomorrow will take care of itself….Stay in the present….That is why it is called that….It’s a gift (Nana G)

Sorry no pictures today  Logged miles today: 11


Look – I’m running

December 29, 2008


Koi @ cattle tank

December 29, 2008


Adversity comes in many shapes

December 29, 2008


Paul taking a break @ Bridal Wreath Falls

December 29, 2008


Part cactus – part octopus

December 29, 2008


Tom taking a break

December 29, 2008


Mr MMA – Paul

December 29, 2008


December 29, 2008


December 29, 2008